Pimp Your Kart

Was Mario Kart 8 not quite weird enough for you? Were there little tweaks you wish were made to the gameplay? Well, you might be interested in an update that’s scheduled for Wednesday, August 27 that will include some new vehicles and gameplay features. (Not coincidentally, that date is also the 22nd anniversary of the original Super Mario Kart, which has just been conveniently released for download in the eShop for $7.99.)

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Wootini’s Weekly Video Podcast #183

Before I can get to the games this week, first I have to gush about Guardians of the Galaxy and how awesome it was. Then I can move on to talking about a great new RPG that I’m playing… from 1997.

Then I respond to a comment on an earlier episode and ask you guys a question of my own. Watch this week’s installment after the jump!

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Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary

Dear Diary,

We had a little unexpected exit this week, but I’m not that heartbroken about it. Plus, we finished the awesome project we’d been working on (it was mostly me fishing up a lot of sharks to pay it off, but I guess some of the others helped a little bit…), which you’ll see later on!

There was also the usual weirdness, like the letter I got that read: “Dear Chris, A dark shadow was following me down our street the other day. I started to run, but it turns out it was just your dad. Still scary, though. – Mom” She included a lantern, which ties in nicely. But maybe she should have kept it for herself in case Dad sneaks up on her again…

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