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(Writer) Frank is a self admitted Nintendo fanboy living in Seattle, WA. He's currently a Computer Science student with aspirations of working in the game industry one day. When he's not writing for the site, he spends his free time absorbed in all kinds of geekery: video games, comic books & technology. For more of his thoughts on LGBT representation in video games or any other geekery, follow him on Twitter or visit his site at

EA Shows More Pride 3

Last year, EA surprised the world by participating in Pride parades in both San Francisco and Seattle (PopCap). Well, this year the company will outdo their previous efforts by expanding that support around the world. EA announced on their blog that they will march in Pride parades in Los Angeles, Stockholm, Vancouver, […]


Cover of Batwoman #17 from DC Comics.

Arkham Origins Needs Batwoman 3

When you think of Batman: Arkham Asylum or Batman: Arkham City, Rocksteady Games did a phenomenal job leaving us with positive impressions. Sure, all the characters are stereotypical for a video game; males are super muscular and the females ultra curvy. But, Rocksteady accomplished what no other developer could: used immersive narrative and […]