Nintendo: Toad and Toadette May Not Have Set Sexes, Genders

Turns out Toads, the fungus-like denizens of the Mushroom Kingdom, don’t have any clearly defined genders. At least not according to Koichi Hayashida, producer of the upcoming Wii U exclusive Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. During an interview with Gamespot, Hayashida shed a bit of light on how the development team views the species’ sexes and opened the door to some interesting interpretations.

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11.5.2014 Nintendo Direct Recap

While there have been a number of game-specific Nintendo Directs since E3 2014, there hasn’t been a company-wide one with a greeting from Satoru Iwata in some time. Today that all changed, with the company showing off a number of upcoming titles for their Wii U and 3DS consoles. Watch the full Direct right here and read on for a full recap.

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Super Smash Bros. for Wii U 50-Fact Extravaganza Live Blog

Today at 3pmPST Nintendo will be sharing fifty facts about the upcoming Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. While the 3DS version has been out for almost a month now the Wii U version isn’t out until November 21st in the US and through early December in other territories. The 3DS version revealed the game’s complete roster and features an exclusive mode called Smash Run, but what does the home console version have in store?

Watch the full 35 minute stream live below the cut or on Nintendo’s Twitch channel. We’ll be live blogging the announcements as they come, and after the stream wraps up you can check back for a full recap.

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Gaymer 8BitHomo’s 24 Hour LiveStream for the Trevor Project

Twitch streamer Dylan Zaner, aka 8BitHomo, recently became  Twitch partner, which means his channel will be promoted by Twitch as featured content and he will be given other opportunities to help grow his audience on the game streaming service. This is wonderful news for gaymers and anybody looking for a queer-friendly stream to tune into.

Tomorrow, Saturday October 9th, 8BitHomo will be conducting a 24 hour live stream to raise money for The Trevor Project. The stream starts at 9am CST and is being done with the support of Gay Geeks, GaymerX, and all of us here at

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