Bring out your couture with Girls’ Fashion Shoot

Last Wednesday, I celebrated my 30th birthday (yay!). And what better way to celebrate than to take the day off of my day job to go shopping, relax in the park and preview a game! Rising Star Games was in San Francisco showing off some of their upcoming games and one that I was particularly interested in checking out was Girls Fashion Shoot for the Nintendo 3DS. With the title and gameplay clearly marketed towards female gamers, it easy to see why it was might be passed up. Eric Paterson of EGM even chose this game as his “Underappreciated Pick of the Show” at E3. However, that wasn’t going to stop me from letting my inner fashionista out, and it shouldn’t stop you either. Read on to learn more about this fun and creative game!

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Toronto Gaymers present CLASH Fall 2013

As the resident fighting game expert on GayGamer, I love whenever there are fighting game tournaments to watch and attend. However, it’s no secret that the existing fighting game community can be a little intimidating. Toronto Gaymers is a group that hopes to help change that by running their own LGBT-friendly fighting game tourney, the upcoming CLASH Fall 2013.

This Saturday, September 28th, at A&C World in Toronto, the gay friendly fighting game tournament will let you compete in Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade EditionUltimate Marvel vs Capcom 3Injustice: Gods Among Us or Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3. There are many prizes that range from $100 in cash to swag from Namco Bandai, who is helping sponsor the event.

And in case you don’t live near Toronto, you can always check out the matches courtesy of A&C Games on their Twitch stream, with matches starting at 1 pm and finals at 6 pm (local Toronto time). All the information such as where to register and complete list of prizes and rules can be found on their facebook page here. I hope you guys can check out the stream and good luck to all competitors!


son of nor

Interview with Ricardo Valenzuela, game designer for Son of Nor

Kickstarting a video game project is hard enough as it is. Trying to get your audience to believe in your game ideas enough to fund it can be as challenging as delivering your product. The team behind Son of Nor, a game we covered earlier this year, was at one point worried that they wouldn’t make their goals, but were relieved when they finally made it.

While at GaymerX I had a chance to sit down and talk with Ricardo Valenzuela, the game’s designer and writer. Although he is working with stillalive studios, he lives in Ecuador – a place with little to no games industry or gaymer community. Read on below to find out more about what its like being a gay game designer working from a different continent, and be sure to check out Son of Nor, which is currently in the process of trying to be greenlit on Steam. Make sure to check out the above link to vote it up so it can get to the top 10!

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GaymerX: Twitch Panel on Creating a Positive LGBTQ Community

GaymerX had lots of opportunities to game with people from around the world, but it also had tons of great panels dedicated to LGBT issues in gaming. One such panel that I was looking forward to was the Twitch panel titled Gaymers x Twitch: Creating a Positive LGBTQ Community. I played a hand in helping start up Destructoid’s channel and have actually started up our very own channel that we have great plans for (shameless plug, check it out and subscribe!). Hit the jump to learn more about this panel!

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GaymerX: Interview with Chris and Koen, the newly engaged couple

As you are well aware, this past weekend was the very first GaymerX. While there are no doubt tons of stories to share from this fabulous event, there was one particular story that tugged at everyone’s heartstrings and was talked about the rest of the con. By donating to the Kickstarter campaign, Chris had the prize of getting Ellen Mclain, the voice of GLaDOS to make a 30 second recording of anything he wanted. He wanted this award because he planned on using it to propose to his boyfriend of 2 years, Koen who lived all the way in Belgium.

However, since both he and Koen would be attending GaymerX, he reached out to Matt Conn of GaymerX and asked if this message could be done in person. Of course, both Matt and Ellen agreed and a plan was put in motion. You can check out the (super adorable) footage by clicking here!

We just HAD to get an interview with this newly engaged couple. Thirty minutes or so after the proposal, they sat down with us to talk about how they met, the planning of the proposal, and what comes next.

Join me in extending an online CONGRATULATIONS! It definitely WAS a triumph. Huge success!

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