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(Writer) Jesse Gmitro is the self-proclaimed "resident ally/lady-fancier" of -- a position he has held since 2011 - and a shameless fanboy of Metal Gear, pre-Homecoming Silent Hill, and Final Fantasy. He plays drums in a local post-rock band called "Between Two Skies," and is currently working on a black comedy novella, "The Madcap Laughs." He currently lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

New Trailer For “The Last Door”

A few months ago, yours truly brought news of some retrofitted adventure/horror loveliness, in the form of The Last Door. A browser-based title from Spanish developer The Game Kitchen, the Kickstarter-funded affair sought to weave a dreary web of gothic proportions – and for the most part succeeded: juxtaposing the […]


Metal Gear Solid To Be Re-Remade? 2

As gamers will recall, the Metal Gear Solid series is no stranger to the concept of re-releases.  Its first three incarnations featured either supplemental content – VR Missions, Substance, and Subsistence, respectively – while the Gamecube got a full-on remake, in the form of Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes […]



Final Fantasy OST: The Acapella Edition

Every now and again, the internet takes the day off from horrifying its myriad denizens, in the interest of inducing what behavioral science calls, “smiling.” Sometimes it’s the cutest of kittens; sometimes it’s a precious little morsel of knowledge that broadens our respective intellects. In the case of YouTube user […]


Review: The Last Door

Often times, I’m quick to write off “retro” elements – be they pixelated graphics, resurrecting old genres, and the like – as fellow residents of the Isle of Misfit Gimmicks: a turgid cesspit where good ideas find no harbor, and mediocrity rules the roost. Yet there’s something strangely compelling about […]

Maxis Announces The Sims 4 2

Sims enthusiasts are a diverse breed. Some enjoy its feel-good charm; some find themselves powerless against its addictive nature. Then there are those who prefer trapping these hapless pixel-folk until they succumb to starvation – a kind of grisly homage to “The Cask of Amontillado” – or shouting lines from […]