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Quiet Queers: LGBTQIA+ Invisibility in Games 5

There is a problem in videogames of LGBTQIA+ characters whose queerness is silent. This isn’t to say that all LGBTQIA+ characters whose gender or sexual identity is only mentioned in-passing are inherently bad, or are examples of bad writing; sometimes, the most interesting, effective and emotionally-engaging way to state something […]


GX3 is Coming!!! 2

It was previously reported that after only its second year the queer-friendly gaming convention GaymerX would be no more. Numerous reasons were cited for the con’s end, the biggest one being a significant lack of financial support from sponsors and game companies to help with the event’s already high costs. […]


D&D’s Bumpy Road to Inclusion 9

(A word of caution. Some of the links to articles contained within contain strong language.) On Tuesday, Wizards of the Coast released the free basic rules to the fifth and newest edition of the most popular RPG franchise, Dungeons & Dragons. Inside, aspiring adventurers and dungeon masters can find rules […]