Second Chances: An Interview with Dale Lazarov

Dale Lazarov is a gay comics writer, well known in gay-geek circles as being the smut lord responsible for unleashing hardcover and digital gay comics like MANLY, BULLDOGS and STICKY into our world, available over at Since his most recent release “Second Chances” with Foxy Andy and William O. Tyler came out last month, we caught up with him to talk a little about his new comic, his approach on creating comics and the politics involved, as well as getting a glimpse of what Dale’s bringing into being in the near future.

Fair warning: there are some NSFW links and discussion below, as well as some (censored) NSFW images!

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Interview: Michelle Clough on Video Game Sexuality

At this year’s Game Developers Conference, long-time editor and localization specialist Michelle Clough gave a talk about male sexuality in video games. Having covered a few of the same points on gaming’s sexual double standard and the oddities of Cho Ainiki myself (albeit far less eloquently), I wanted to explore the topic with Michelle a bit more from her perspective. I recently reached out to her about bishonen men, fan service, and how games can better depict romance and sex outside of just the squishy bits.

Readers be warned, we are of off the normal waters explored in Gay Gamer in these parts. Here, there be fan-girls.

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Interview: Capitol Hillbillies’ Chris Lange

Capitol Hillbillies is a wild, raunchy, nerdy web comic that has been cracking up readers for five years. And now it’s moving from computers to bookshelves with Northwest Press‘ publication of Capitol Hillbillies Volume One! The collection chronicles the adventures of four gay guys as they navigate sex, dating, pop culture, videogames and the occasional unicorn.

You can order your own copy in either paperback or digitally by clicking here, but to find out more about the LGBT comic’s humble beginnings and why gaymers would enjoy the heck out of it, we talked with its creator, Chris Lange!
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An Interview With Wynton “Prog” Smith

This year at E3 I had the pleasure to meet one of the most influential people in the Super Smash Bros. Community, Wynton “Prog” Smith. Though our interaction was brief, we’ve been in touch ever since and he has been an absolute joy to talk to. Now that the dust has settled from E3, GaymerX, and EVO, I was able to pick his brain a bit about his thoughts on the E3 Smash Bros. demo, the Smash Invitational, and the game’s ever growing community. So lets get into it.

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