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Coming Out On Top: New Beta And Release Date

When we last encountered Coming Out On Top here at Gaygamer, Obscurasoft had just delayed the gay dating sim’s release and offered backers a beta to apologize, and to whet their appetites for its eventual drop date.

Recently confirming December 10 for the game’s release, Obscurasoft has offered players another – this time spoiler-heavy – beta that delves deeper into the game’s stories and characters.  A few months ago I described the game as playful and promising; follow along after the jump for my final pre-release impressions.  I’ve tried to minimize the spoilers…a couple of images could be considered beans-spilling, but only about characters it’s pretty clear are on the menu from the start.

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Quiet Queers: LGBTQIA+ Invisibility in Games

There is a problem in videogames of LGBTQIA+ characters whose queerness is silent.

This isn’t to say that all LGBTQIA+ characters whose gender or sexual identity is only mentioned in-passing are inherently bad, or are examples of bad writing; sometimes, the most interesting, effective and emotionally-engaging way to state something about a character is to understate it.

The problem is that “invisible queerness” – queerness that is effectively absent in a text except for authors stating it outside of the text (e.g., Dumbledore in Harry Potter), single lines ad-libbed at the end of the text as an afterthought (e.g., Gobber in How To Your Train Your Dragon 2), or going utterly unspoken but hinted at through vague allusions, nudge-wink stereotypes and plausibly-deniable overtones (e.g, most queer characters during the first and second millenium CE).

So long as their queerness isn’t intrusive, or doesn’t require players to talk or think about queerness in any but the most basic terms, they’re lauded as being exemplars of the entire LGBTQIA+ spectrum.

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Gaymer 8BitHomo’s 24 Hour LiveStream for the Trevor Project

Twitch streamer Dylan Zaner, aka 8BitHomo, recently became  Twitch partner, which means his channel will be promoted by Twitch as featured content and he will be given other opportunities to help grow his audience on the game streaming service. This is wonderful news for gaymers and anybody looking for a queer-friendly stream to tune into.

Tomorrow, Saturday October 9th, 8BitHomo will be conducting a 24 hour live stream to raise money for The Trevor Project. The stream starts at 9am CST and is being done with the support of Gay Geeks, GaymerX, and all of us here at

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Rantasmo Asks if Gone Home Needs More Gay

Vlogger Rantasmo has made a name for himself dissecting media that, as he puts it, ‘needs more gay’. In his aptly titled video series he carefully analyzes the queer content in all sorts of media from film to TV to, you guessed it, video games. In his latest episode he takes a look at Gone Home, the breakout indie title of 2014. In his review he addresses some common complaints against the The Fullbright Company’s gay friendly hit while also explaining why its 90s setting is an integral part of its queer themes.
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GX3 is Coming!!!

It was previously reported that after only its second year the queer-friendly gaming convention GaymerX would be no more. Numerous reasons were cited for the con’s end, the biggest one being a significant lack of financial support from sponsors and game companies to help with the event’s already high costs. Running a game convention at a major hotel in one of the most expensive cities in the world is no small feat, and organizers Toni Rocca and Matt Conn have publicly shared their uncertainty of holding another con, let alone breaking even on the first two. Since then a number of game developers have stepped up with financial support for the convention.

Today it has been announced that GaymerX is coming back for a third year and will be rebranded as GX3: Everyone Games.
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