Shulk Slashes His Way Into Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS!

This week has been a pretty interesting week for Super Smash Bros. fans. Someone from NOA leaked some video footage of the 3DS version of the game surfaced showing newcomers Shulk from Xenoblade Chronicles, Bowser Jr. in his clown car as well as a few more characters. People all over social media questioned the legitimacy of the leak claiming that it was a Super Smash Bros. Brawl mod. Personally, I felt like it was a little too elaborate to be fake. Soon after the news made it’s way around the internet and major gaming news sites, Nintendo of America brought down the hammer and the videos were flagged taken down. For me, that pretty much confirmed that what we saw was in fact real.

Later in the week, a 3DS specific Nintendo Direct was announced. We knew we were going to get something Smash related and something that would either confirm or deny the leak. Lo and behold, Shulk is revealed.

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Introducing the New Nintendo 3DS

During today’s Japan-only Nintendo Direct Nintendo announced a brand new 3DS model, the confusingly titled ‘New’ Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DSLL (XL in western territories). The new handheld is an upgraded 3DS that offers a brand new design, connectivity features, and significantly more power than its predecessor.

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Harmonix Announces Launch DLC For Dance Central Spotlight

Dance Central Spotlight is coming exclusively for the Xbox One on September 2, and while the $9.99 digital download will come with 10 songs, Harmonix has been promising many more tracks to shake your groove thing to. They’ve recently confirmed a bunch of the DLC tracks that will be available for $1.99 each when the game launches, and it continues to be a great mix of current hits and classic jams so everyone can find something they’ll enjoy!

Remember, if you own Dance Central 1, 2 and/or 3, you’ll be able to import those songs as well, though they haven’t confirmed a specific date when that will be possible. So until then, you can enjoy the 10 tracks included with Dance Central Spotlight as well as the songs I’ll list after the jump!

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In Sunset Overdrive You Can Change Your Gender At Any Time

Sunset Overdrive keeps on making me happy. This colorful, irreverent approach to shooters was one of very few things keeping me from falling asleep during this year’s E3 press conferences. Following E3, and the massive backlash Ubisoft saw for not including a playable female assassin in Assassin’s Creed Unity, developer Insomniac Games threw a bit of shade Ubisoft’s way by showcasing the ability to make one in this game. Today in the newest episode of Sunset TV, where Brandon Winfrey shares updates on the highly anticipated title, it was announced that characters can switch between genders at any time during the game.

While answering a question about the ability to modify a character’s appearance after their initial creation it was said that,

“You can change any part of your appearance at any time. So that means body type, skin tone, anything. So if you wanna be a girl one day, do it, and you can switch back to a guy the next.”

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Pimp Your Kart

Was Mario Kart 8 not quite weird enough for you? Were there little tweaks you wish were made to the gameplay? Well, you might be interested in an update that’s scheduled for Wednesday, August 27 that will include some new vehicles and gameplay features. (Not coincidentally, that date is also the 22nd anniversary of the original Super Mario Kart, which has just been conveniently released for download in the eShop for $7.99.)

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