Zelda coming to Netflix!? 2

In case you hadn’t already heard by now, the Internet is blowing up at a rumor suggesting The Legend of Zelda may be headed to a binge-watching platform near you! Brad Baron (Writer) Brad grew up on poorly translated JRPGS, Zelda, Crash, and Spyro. If ever a nerd there was, that […]


Nintendo Closes Their Club 1

After more than six years, Club Nintendo is shutting down. The loyalty program allowed Nintendo fans to register their games and systems and complete surveys in exchange for Coins, which could be redeemed for all kinds of random Nintendo swag from playing cards to T-shirts and game download codes. Chris […]


hyrule warriors tingle

Nintendo Direct 1-14-2015: New Nintendo 3DS XL launches February 13th

“Awesome! Wait….what?” That was the general sentiment surrounding the announcement of the February 13th release of Nintendo’s New Nintendo 3DS XL, the latest in their confusingly named line of successful handhelds, in the US. This latest iteration offers a whole host of new features, from Amiibo support to 3D viewable at any angle to more processing […]


Introducing the New Nintendo 3DS 2

During today’s Japan-only Nintendo Direct Nintendo announced a brand new 3DS model, the confusingly titled ‘New’ Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DSLL (XL in western territories). The new handheld is an upgraded 3DS that offers a brand new design, connectivity features, and significantly more power than its predecessor. Sal Mattos […]