GenCon considers taking its $50 million event elsewhere in response to Indiana’s new Religious Freedom law

Last week Indiana governor Mike Pence signed the controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act into law. Going into effect July 1st, SB 101 prohibits the government (state or local) from ‘substantially burdening’ a person’s right to exercise their ‘religious beliefs’. While the wording of the bill contains no specifically anti-gay language, […]


Zelda coming to Netflix!? 2

In case you hadn’t already heard by now, the Internet is blowing up at a rumor suggesting The Legend of Zelda may be headed to a binge-watching platform near you! Brad Baron (Writer) Brad grew up on poorly translated JRPGS, Zelda, Crash, and Spyro. If ever a nerd there was, that […]


Nintendo Closes Their Club 1

After more than six years, Club Nintendo is shutting down. The loyalty program allowed Nintendo fans to register their games and systems and complete surveys in exchange for Coins, which could be redeemed for all kinds of random Nintendo swag from playing cards to T-shirts and game download codes. Chris […]