Introducing the New Nintendo 3DS 2

During today’s Japan-only Nintendo Direct Nintendo announced a brand new 3DS model, the confusingly titled ‘New’ Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DSLL (XL in western territories). The new handheld is an upgraded 3DS that offers a brand new design, connectivity features, and significantly more power than its predecessor. Sal Mattos […]

Pimp Your Kart

Was Mario Kart 8 not quite weird enough for you? Were there little tweaks you wish were made to the gameplay? Well, you might be interested in an update that’s scheduled for Wednesday, August 27 that will include some new vehicles and gameplay features. (Not coincidentally, that date is also […]



Take The Spotlight In September! 1

Rock Band may still be languishing in videogame limbo, but Harmonix is bringing Dance Central back to life on the new generation of consoles, and have announced that Dance Central Spotlight will be released for the Xbox One on Tuesday, September 2! Chris Eades (Writer) I love Animal Crossing, music […]