Pro-Tip: Progressive Advocacy in the Games Industry is DIY

You read about something. You get mad about it. Then, you are doused with a heavy cold shower of, “why complain now? We’ve been doing this shit for years!”

Turn now to the blog of Melissa Bennett, M.Div. In a recent entry, she posts her correspondence with Gary Lin, CEO of glispa GmbH. Mr. Lin’s company is a “performance marketing platform” with clients such as: Nexon Europe, InnoGames, Kongregate, Gaijin Entertainment, Hasbro,, Konami, Warner Home Video, Toys R Us, Kabam, DeNA, Sega, Riot Games, and more. The issue at first glance is a culturally insensitive display at GDC, which leads to a deeper discussion of appropriation throughout the culture of glispa itself.

Bennett identifies deeply with the diverse range of Native American cultures her family represents. So, a fire to write is rekindled in her when she spots a Facebook post from her friend, Elizabeth LaPensée. LaPensée is an industry professional whose “work addresses Indigenous determination in video games, animation, and web comics.” In the Facebook post, we see a picture of the glispa booth at GDC with a tipi. In front are two attractive women striking a pose in traditional Halloween buckskin attire. They’re all smiles, and why shouldn’t they be? The multicultural team of glispa represents 33 different countries and 23 different languages. Despite the fact that none of the corporate offices listed on the company’s website are actually in the United States, you’re welcome to call, email or send a “smoke signal” their way.

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Jem and the Holograms are Headed to the Big Screen

Just like everybody else in the world I take every opportunity to rag on Hollywood and its inability to do anything other than remakes and reboots. But, and this is a big Rob Kardashian-sized but: Jem and the Holograms is getting the live action movie treatment and I couldn’t possibly be more excited.

For those born after the 80s (or at least after VH1′s I Love the 80s brought the rest of us up to speed) Jem and the Holograms is an animated series about the utterly fabulous, and truly outrageous Jerrica Benton aka Jem. Using a holographic sentient AI called Synergy Jerrica transforms into the show’s titular rockstar to perform with her bandmates the Holograms. To put her into a 2014-context she’s the conceptual precursor to both Lady Gaga *and* Hannah Montana.

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sailormoon feature

She is the One Named Sailor Moon and She is Coming

She will never turn her back on a friend. She is always there to defend. She’s the one on whom you can depend. She is the one named Sailor Moon.

It’s been over twenty years since the original Sailor Moon manga and anime series took the world by storm, birthing an entire anime genre as well as one of the single most recognizable nerd icons of all time: Sailor Moon herself. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone, gamer, otaku, or otherwise, that doesn’t recognize the schoolgirl uniform and the signature blonde pigtails.

The cultural icon is set to make her triumphant return, with her pals the Sailor Scouts in tow, later this year in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal.

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Kristian Nairn

Game of Throne’s Hodor is a Gaymer, Y’all!

In a recent interview, Game of Thrones actor Kristian Nairn revealed he has plenty more occupations beyond acting. For instance, he balances gigs as a DJ with an active presence on World of Warcraft. (When asked to give a hint about how and where to find his avatar, Nairn coyly responded “usually I’m a small green goblin hunter with a spectral pet called Jupiter or Hannibal.” Feel free to investigate and stalk away.) In addition to his work as Hodor on HBO’s Game of Thrones, Nairn has branched out to BBC’s Ripper Street and is also working on Treasure Trapped, a feature documentary that follows the European Live-Action Role-Playing circuit (LARP-ing for short).

Then when inquired about his apparent and “extensive” following in the bear community, something unexpected and “lovely” happened.

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This SingStore Update Might Make You A Shiny Happy Person

Well, if you’re an R.E.M. fan who plays SingStar, you’re in luck with this week’s new SingStore Update. Unfortunately, if you’re not, then I hope you’re a Corrs fan, because that’s the only other group in this batch of DLC! The Irish folk/pop stars were apparently very popular after a couple of their other songs were included in a recent update, so now you can get “Radio” as well.

And if you’re a fan of the group fronted by queer artist Michael Stipe, there’s an entire song pack that includes “Bad Day,” “Nightswimming,” “Imitation of Life,” “Shiny Happy People” and “Man on the Moon.” And “Orange Crush” is available singly. Not sure why that didn’t rate placement in the song pack, but there you go.

And for those of you like me, better luck next time. Which now seems to be every three weeks instead of every two, which I’m not crazy about. But at least they’re still updating with new content!