Next Generation Ripley

Like the film franchise, Alien has had an equally spotty track record in the gaming world. Actually, spottier. But the recently-announced Alien: Isolation hopes to make you forget all that… while scaring your pants off at the same time! While Aliens: Colonial Marines was positioned as a sequel to the […]

paxdivlo copy

PAX “Diversity Lounges” 2

Back in November, I suggested the word ‘xbroglio‘ as a catch-all term for the many-and-various ways that Microsoft have messed up with regards to creating and marketing the Xbox One. This week, thanks to a leaked (and now, officially confirmed) document regarding the addition of “Diversity Lounges” to future Penny […]


The Dead Walk Again This Week!

Now we see if Telltale Games will fall into a sophomore slump… That’s right, The Walking Dead: Season Two has begun! Episode One: All That Remains is releasing this week on all the various platforms. The first episode of season two is available now for $4.99 (as will be the […]


The 3DS Enters The Miiverse 2

The system update has been released for the Nintendo 3DS that adds Miiverse functionality to the handheld system, mirroring what Wii U users have been enjoying since the console’s launch. And if you’ve got both systems, you can link the same Nintendo ID and merge your Nintendo eShop balances and […]