Review: Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved

What happens when you mix the magic of Disney with the magic of Harmonix? You get Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved, one of the most unique and hard-to-describe games I think I’ve ever seen. It’s a music rhythm game, which is Harmonix’s strength, but instead of playing along with the music or dancing to it, you’re conducting it and remixing it to your whim. It’s a hard sell, but is it worth picking up? Let me try to explain…

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Board Game Review: BattleCON

The young fighter grinned, a plan in her mind. Her accursed gauntlet twitched with energy as she channeled power into it. Then, she thrust her palm forward, sending a ripple of black energy hurtling outwards. But she had acted too late. Her opponent leapt over the blast, landing neatly behind her. “Nice try,” the opponent smirked. “But still too slow.”

Alright, so, if you have an overactive imagination like me, these kinds of scenes play out in your head every day. For everyone else, however, you might need some encouragement. The closest thing to the scenario above would probably be a fighting game of some sort. Something ridiculous, like BlazBlue or Persona Arena.

Fighting games are great and all, but I’m not exactly the best at them. For some of the more technical games, I’m downright awful, in fact. I get the main themes, of course. Fighting games require a strategy and a foresight to understand what your opponent will do next. That, however, is incredibly difficult to develop on the fly as you’re desperately button-mashing for a chance at victory. What if I told you that there was a game that gave you the strategy of a fighting game without the button-mashing and split-second timing?

Enter BattleCON.

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