Review: Elegy For A Dead World

Now available on Steam, Elegy For A Dead World is quite a unique game. In fact, it’s barely only technically a game in that you occasionally move a character around a screen. No, Dejobaan Games’ creation is more of a creative tool that lets pretty much anyone write their own science-fiction tale. And while not really a game in the traditional sense, it’s a fascinating creation well worth a look.

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A different kind of Bodice Ripper: a look at the Iron Bull

Note: This is the first in a series of articles exploring the diverse cast of BioWare’s Dragon Age: Inquisition. The following contains details from all points of the Iron Bull’s sub-plot in Dragon Age: Inquisition, including his ultimate romance sub-quest. 

Iron Bull was claimed by dozens of eager Dragon Age: Inquisition players before he even got an official screenshot.

A piece of promotional concept art from Bioware was all it took for the towering mass of scars and slowly softening muscle to be the center of some voracious fan attention. The lead up to the latest fantasy role-playing game from one of the industry’s leading interactive romance studios was an opportunity to tease the fans with a new epic romantic conquest, and the campaign was by all measures a success. His towering size, his apparent expertise with two-handed weapons, his almost comically large horns, everything about this grey behemoth was big and brazen. The Iron Bull looked to be a size queen’s dream, a hulking brute of few words and fewer inhibitions.

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Video: No Man’s Sky Trailer From The Game Awards

One of the most exciting things from E3 2014 for me was No Man’s Sky, an exploration-heavy game that looks like the covers of 70s and 80s sci fi novels.  Even better, the game is entirely procedurally generated – like Minecraft, no two maps are the same.  Or, as the newly released trailer from The Game Awards puts it, every star, every planet is unique.  Even better than that, if you ask me?  The sci fi colour palette:  Yellow, green, and ochre; neon purple and pink over a field of black.  No Man’s Sky looks like it could be a welcome departure from two generations’ worth of games in sci fi settings slathered in grey, brown, and guns.
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