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Enter The Nintendo World Championships! 1

In their announcement of their E3 plans, Nintendo revealed that they were going to bring back the Nintendo World Championships. Well, if you’re interested in competing, they’ve just announced the eight Best Buy locations around the US that will be hosting the qualifying events on May 30. Chris Eades (Writer) […]

Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary

Dear Diary, There wasn’t a whole lot happening this week, but what did happen was pretty important! Well, aside from something I thought would be important, but turned out to be pretty useless. But I did do something I don’t normally do! Read on and I’ll explain! Chris Eades (Writer) […]



Hands-On: Splatoon

At PAX East 2015, I was able to get a little hands-on time with the upcoming Wii U shooter Splatoon at the Nintendo booth, but this week I was able to get some more personal time with the game at a special media event in New York City. Nintendo recently […]

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New Direct for Splatoon

On Thursday, May 7th, there was a 33 minute Nintendo Direct dedicated solely to Splatoon. So many things were explained and revealed! Let’s go over it, shall we? Zach Burch Zach is a 23 year old gaymer living in Los Angeles, working in education and trying to get his tabletop game […]