Wootini’s Weekly Video Podcast #202

This week I thoroughly enjoyed Elegy For A Dead World… once I worked out the kinks. But that’s what happens when you play games on a computer. Not that consoles don’t have their problems. My PS3 decided to take matters into its own hands this week. Oh, and I also played some Coming Out On Top, which worked perfectly well on my computer… even if I couldn’t seem to land the hot guys I wanted to! Grr!

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Video: No Man’s Sky Trailer From The Game Awards

One of the most exciting things from E3 2014 for me was No Man’s Sky, an exploration-heavy game that looks like the covers of 70s and 80s sci fi novels.  Even better, the game is entirely procedurally generated – like Minecraft, no two maps are the same.  Or, as the newly released trailer from The Game Awards puts it, every star, every planet is unique.  Even better than that, if you ask me?  The sci fi colour palette:  Yellow, green, and ochre; neon purple and pink over a field of black.  No Man’s Sky looks like it could be a welcome departure from two generations’ worth of games in sci fi settings slathered in grey, brown, and guns.
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Podcast 201

Wootini’s Weekly Video Podcast #201

This one’s a lot shorter than last week, since it’s not an epic anniversary episode. But I have to apologize that it looks slightly different than the 200 previous installments, since I got a new computer, and Apple can’t stop “improving” their apps, so iMovie doesn’t do exactly what it used to.

But this week I recap my reviews that went up on this site, including Game of Thrones and Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, then talk about the fascinating weirdness of Deadly Premonition, which I’ve only just discovered (because it’s free on PlayStation Plus!). Make the jump and watch!

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Wootini’s Weekly Video Podcast #200

Apologies for the length of this one, but it’s a special super-sized anniversary episode! To commemorate reaching 200 episodes of this dang thing, I invited a couple of my Smash-loving friends over to try and teach me some basics and convince me that Super Smash Bros. is as awesome as they think it is.

After a few rounds of Smash (which constitutes the bulk of this episode, sorry!), do I agree? Make the jump, watch and find out!

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