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May 4, 2011

Fashion Fab: Find Your Way With These Persona 4 Glasses

p4glasses.jpgIn Persona 4, you're all but blind the first time you disappear into the TV via the Midnight Channel. A hazy fog surrounds you, resembling the pixelated snow of a bad signal. Your way is lost, and might stay that way forever.

Until you put on these glasses!

New from Cospa, a Japanese manufacturer, the iconic glasses of P4's protagonist are available for preorder now, to be shipped in August. They're ideal for cosplayers, but if you're a huge fan with bad vision, you could also fit them with lenses. The design evokes some of the Buddy Holly eyewear craze, so they'd also do okay if you need to dress up as half the cast of Scott Pilgrim.

At $86, they're not the most affordable cosplay item, but they're still quite cheap compared to most modern frames. Get them soon and maybe you'll face your other self tonight! (Teddy General's Warning: other self may try to kill you.)

[via: Japanator]

November 7, 2010

Make Daddy Happy By Stroking Your Phone!


Note:The following is a game synopsis and explanation of game mechanics for Don't Wake Dad from a fun perspective. A link to the app and actual synopsis has also been included.

Every day I wade through press releases, some very relevant and others not so pressing but every once in a while one crosses my path that is so out there, so far beyond my gaming imagination that I have a hard time believing it was dreamt up by actual people at a meeting of marketing execution. Don't Wake Dad was sent to me in one of these special releases and inspires a plethora of tongue-in-cheek non-sequiturs.

On a comfy bed, hunky "Daddy" snoozes in his smart business attire. Daddy is having "quiet time," an afternoon siesta, recharging his Daddy powers for the long night ahead. Daddy is older and fickle, a stay at home type but he knows you want the "night off" to go out with the boys and dance your ass off at "Le Gay Party" but for some reason will not let you go if his sleep is compromised. Can we say controlling?

As Daddy sleeps, an army of flies and mosquitoes are making every effort to rouse him and like a "good little boy", you are charged with doing everything in your power to keep this hulking man knocked out.

Only by swatting the insects can you insure your night of freedom but as the tension mounts and the bugs increase you may find yourself shaking your phone in natural reaction but don't! That is much worse! That will make Daddy very angry and result in severe punishment! But that might be even more fun than the party...hmmm

Don't Wake Dad is now available for a measly $.99 for the iPhone and is a fun and well-executed time waster.

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July 10, 2010

Men In Arms: Gaming With That Special Guy


I am a gamer through and through. Bred on Atari and Nintendo, I always have video games incorporated into my lifestyle. Playing them alone is fun and online co-op with friends is great, but nothing compares to chilling out on the sofa and decapitating zombies with that special guy.

On that first or second date when you go back to his place, you may wander into the living room to "poke around" for clues about his life: is he a secret serial killer, or maybe just a closet (or not-so-closet) nerd? If in that moment you happen to find game cases lying about or stacked neatly atop a Xbox 360, something really special happens: the gaymer connection. The understanding that this guy is passionate about video games. This broadens the experience, especially if he has the same tastes of games as you do. After a half-hour of gushing on tactics in Left 4 Dead 2 or your favorite strategy for surviving cougar attacks in Red Dead Redemption, this almost always leads to a gaming session and possibly some sexy fun.

I can tell you that even with the growing numbers of gaymers in the dating world it can still be a challenge to find that one person that you really jibe with and likes video games just as much as you do. I can count on one hand how many dates I have had with men whose eyes didn't roll into the back of their head when I rattled about my obsession with the Super Nintendo or the latest plot point in the Buffy Season Eight comics. So when you find someone who likes you and video games in tandem the real fun can begin! They say when you date a guy who is the same clothing size as you, you essentially double your wardrobe. The same is true of games. After the break I have listed some of the benefits of dating another hardcore gamer.

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June 6, 2010

Be Fashion Fab With IPhone Clothing Design App


I know so many gamers who also in school for design. Many of my fellow New Yorkers are attending FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) and are excited to experience this new Canadian iPhone app called Style Studio that essentially allows you to create a simple portfolio of designs and clothing creations.

From dresses to cute tops and pants, designers of all levels of skill will be able to express themselves with an extensive customization engine that will take the clothing app further by not just allowing for a simple palate change but also for a smorgasbord of different materials, textures and patterns. Alterations will also be a cinch with the easy to use interface.

"Style Studio has the most extensive customization engine for clothing design ever seen on the iPhone" said Ray Sharma, Founder of XMG Studio. "While there are a few apps out there that allow you to apply colors to pre-set clothing items and mix and match them, Style Studio is the first app that actually allows the designer to choose different materials, make alterations, customize prints and apply add-ons or decorative elements to each piece of clothing."

You will be able to make creations for up to five models included in the app you can upload a picture of yourself and friends to get a feel for your new fashions. Once you're finished creating, your styles can be uploaded via Facebook and Twitter to share with everyone.

Style Studio will also be offering thousands of materials, prints, belts, buttons, zippers, bows, pockets and accessories right off the bat to mix and match and more will be made available for download and purchase to those who require a more eclectic selection.

Style Studio is now available in the iTunes store for a steal at for $1.99 and will run on any Apple mobile device running OS 3.0 or higher.

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May 16, 2010

A Pregnant Pause: Those Extended Game Sessions


Have you ever played a game and just couldn't shut it off. Maybe you just got a rare drop from an enemy mob and inadvertently walked into a inescapable boss battle or perhaps your game is just skimpy on the save points. Either way we just could not power down our consoles and were forced to implement gaming's greatest invention: The Pause feature. I thought I would share with you my most dedicated pause story and tell you how Pokemon almost compromised for me one semester of college.

Back in 1999, Pokemon had already taken the world by storm. The television was flooded with commercials for the cards and toys and that ubiquitous, seizure-inducing cartoon show. I was almost 20 and thought I was above and beyond the reach of all things pokemon and as such would roll my eyes at any product or person engaged with the silly toys.

I was in college and in on a hiatus from video games. If I played anything it was when I dusted off my old SNES or played one of the few good N64 games but for the most part I was dedicated to my studies.

It was a fated trip to a local thrift store for supplies for my college's upcoming Gay Straight Alliance event (I was the president, natch!) that would galvanize my interest in games and place a severe dent in my study time.

It was an impulse purchase of the worst kind! I was in line with my purchases when I noticed a lone copy of Pokemon Red for the Game Boy. It was marked down to $7 dollars. I thought, "why the hell not?" and added it to my bag of tricks.

When I brought the game home to my boyfriend, we popped the fire red cart into my Super Game Boy for the SNES. We were immediately mesmerized by the catch em' all concept and spent the evening immersed in the simple RPG fun. It was when we went to save the game that I began to understand the reason for the 7 dollar price tag. The save file was corrupted and there was no way to solidify our hours of progress. I reasoned that we shut the game off and buy a copy when our tight college budget would allow.

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April 25, 2010

Fruit Ninja Is Gay In Name Only


While the name "Fruit Ninja" may bring to mind images of stealthily stalking swishy guys, the new iPhone game takes a more literal approach - ninjas just hate fruit: watermelons, bananas, oranges, etc. I wonder if they have a problem with scurvy?

Fruit Ninja takes the iPhone touch screen and implements a most satisfying slash mechanic. The screen floods with whole fruits and you are charged with ripping then to shreds with you finger. As you shred your score will increase. As a game it is fairly standard fare but there is something delicious (no pun intended) about making the pixelated fruit explode. While playing for what felt like ten minutes I noticed an hour had gone by. Perhaps there is something said about this quick and fun time waster.

"Violent and visceral combat. It's you versus a watermelon," said designer Luke Muscat. "Who hasn't wanted to attack a melon with a sword just to see it explode? We've captured the awesome feeling of splatty squishiness, and thanks to the hands-on touch controls of the iPhone, you really feel satisfied with the sweet, juicy carnage on the screen!"

Addicting? Yes, but one of the best parts is it's Open Feint compatible, allowing you and your friends the option of gaining achievements and ranking on the world leader boards. The developers of Fruit Ninja plan on continued support of their game by offering new modes and new fruit in the coming months to keep players engaged, all free of charge. Fruit Ninja is now available in the app store for the delectable price of 99 cents.

New Fruit Ninja App is Now Available for the iPhone and Touch [Go Fanboy]

April 3, 2010

A Life Well Wasted: Robert Ashley Takes On The Weird And The Strange


Formerly a writer for Electronic Gaming Monthly, Robert Ashley hosts an internet radio show that can only be described as an art house podcast for the gaming intellectual. A Life Well Wasted is an walking tour of the gaming industry's more colorful inhabitants. From professional cosplayers to pinball aficionados, Robert Ashley's interview skills manage to siphon the more intimate details of gaming subcultures you may never have known existed.

Ashley's approach is smart and resigned as he quietly collects information from his endlessly fascinating subjects. His tone is affable and respectful and it feels as if he nurtures a kind of kinship with the people and cultures within. An excellent editor, the segments are sown together with ambient music and expertly placed sound bites.

The podcast is released only periodically as Ashley takes his time piecing together the show and carefully selecting his topics of interest. Some things that have made its way into his show are gaming museum curators, self taught chip designers, gaming paraphernalia pack rats, and a collection of experiences from the former editors of EGM.

A Life Well Wasted is an excellent source for gaming culture and its current catalog of shows provide a wonderful compendium to gaming's strange and unconventionally talented.

Download the podcast from iTunes, or from Ashley's website.

March 27, 2010

Cheep Cheep Shrooms! Perler Style!


Nothing says crafty and geeky quite like this completely magical presentation of a Cheep Cheep and Super Mushroom from Super Mario Bros. Rendered in classic 8-bit style these two iconic symbols show one perler bead aficionado's love for a game that practically sparked a platforming genre all its own. What are some of the ways you secretly show your crafty old school love? How about some claymation Mega Man? Or perhaps you would prefer to render Samus painted in an impressionistic style? Share some of your artistic tales below. Links to your work would be great!

February 14, 2010

Augment Your Reality With Love Plus Bundle


Last November Konomi's Love Plus, the "personal girlfriend simulator", made international headlines when an otaku enthusiast married his favorite character. SAL9000 tied the knot with his in game girlfriend in a very public showing and succeeded in breaking gaming's meta fourth wall.

Well it looks as if your lonely straight boys and I suppose curious lesbian girlfriends can now re-create this spectacle in their own game. In honor of Valentine's Day, Konomi is releasing a Love Plus bundle replete with the sultry sim and an augmented reality card that will enable you to super impose whatever your dirty mind can devise on screen and "in" game.

It is my firm belief that general Love Plus enthusiasts will mange to come up with tasteful entries that don't make use of the overstated askey penis.

Import this charming bundle now before supplies run out at $58 or 5,220 yen.

Spend a Lonely Valentine's Day With Love Plus [Siliconera]

February 7, 2010

Gamestop Unveils Back Of Final Fantasy XIII Case (Xbox 360 Version)


We are all well aware of Gamestop's entitled opinion of itself when it comes to well, just about anything. From broken street dates, to at times spotty customer service, Gamestop has never shown any shame in throwing its corporate weight around. This time it appears to work in our favor because Gamestop leaked a photo of the back of the Xbox 360 version of Final Fantasy XIII! The images are a little blurry but you can plainly see that the highly anticipated RPG will have us also anticipating some downloadable content! The current buzz is that Final Fantasy will be a gorgeous albeit linear affair. Here is hoping this is an indication for optional side quests that will expand on the world and in game mythos. Assuming the contest is worthwhile, this kind of news is great to hear for a Final Fantasy game! Who has this pre-ordered for the 9th of March? What kind of DLC are you hoping for?

Final Fantasy XIII On Xbox 360 Has "Game Content Downloads" [Siliconera]
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January 30, 2010

The Legend Of Zelda Second Quest Was A Mistake!?


In 1987 I was knocked out by the Nintendo Entertainment System. I loved Super Mario Bros. and Mega Man was already aiding in the development of my explosive vocabulary. But The Legend of Zelda on the NES was truly the first game to bite me hard. With its open world map, and seemingly endless possibilities, it helped me to develop an understanding of memorable gaming experiences and personal story telling. Much like we see in games like Left 4 Dead, the average person is tossed into a very mystical world and is charged with saving the day. Saturdays on the couch with friends became a new kind of interactive experience where everyone could be part of the fun and the following Monday day at school would swell with tales of the muti-bomb death of the dreaded Dodongo! Each gaming session became filled with a sense of trepidation and wonder. These tiny, pixelated enemy monsters and special weapons became the stuff of legends. This week I found my self playing through it again and after finishing the first quest in under an hour I was prompted to try a new quest, something I had completely forgotten about!

To experience the second quest, after you finish the first quest you are prompted to start again (or you can simply type in ZELDA in the name prompt the first time). While the over world map remains the same in appearance, the dungeons and shops, etc are all relocated, redesigned and more difficult to find. This time around, not only are you dealing with more difficult enemies, but invisible walls as well! This quest truly forces the player to master the mechanics and problem solving techniques learned in the first to persevere. I was only able to find four of the dungeons on my own before I had to ask a friend for help. It turns out that if it weren't for a mistake by The Legend of Zelda's supervisor and graphic designer Takashi Tezuka the second quest might have never been. According to Toshihiko Nakago, President of SRD:

"I created the data exactly in line with it [the map], but then Tezuka-san made a mistake and only used half of the data. I said, 'Tezuka-san, there's only half here. Where did the other half go?' and he was like, What?! Oops, I messed up...' But Miyamoto-san said it was fine just like that.""So, using the half of the memory that was left over, we decided to create the Second Quest."

Apparently there were space issues with the game that later became irrelevant, prompting Miyamoto to keep the game data separate and after some tweaking: a second quest was born! Thank goodness for that! While it is definitely more challenging, any extra time I can spend in this world of tight mechanics and puzzle solving is a pleasure. I am wondering if any of you have any shared memories of this grand game that spawned such an influential IP?

The Legend of Zelda's second quest happened purely by mistake [GoNintendo]

January 16, 2010

The NES Hands Free Controller: An Oral Fascination!


In the late 1980's, Nintendo was it. Seemingly endless gadgets and toys poured out from the video game juggernaut. Much of Nintendo's panache came form a little magazine known as Nintendo Power. I wonder how many of you were right there with me as I stared in astonishment at an issue of Nintendo Power? Here, the opening pages of the magazine were often filled with the strange and wonderful. It was here I learned about a GI's nuked Game Boy that still worked and stole my first lustful glances at that new trade show E3.

In one particular issue, I found a perplexing photo of a gregarious-looking boy with a cybernetic arm protruding from his naval. The Hands Free Controller (HFC) the boy had strapped to his chest allowed the physically disabled to operate the NES controller with the power of the "sip and puff" method. Resting on a chin strap, the player utilized the power of his/her mouth to manipulate the nozzle and interact with the on screen maneuvers. The promise of being "more fun than most physical therapy exercises" with the potential to strengthen one's neck served to bewilder my young mind further. This type of controller was presented by a Nintendo ambitious enough to want to welcome (and own) every possible corner of the gaming market. As an able-bodied person, I cannot imagine this device being that much fun to play but I will admit that if for some reason I lost function in my hands, you could be damned sure I would have asked for this product and proudly learned to "sip and puff" years before my neck would be in need of that kind of "conditioning." It sold for $179.00, including the NES control deck and game cart, but locating this relic today might run you upwards of $379.00; some might consider that a paltry sum for ownership of this special piece of "oral history!"

Announcing the Hands Free Controller! [NESPlayer]

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