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Gay Game-Industry Professionals List

The Gay Game-Industry Professionals (GGP) list is a private and convenient mailing list for LGBT folk who make their living working within the video game industry - be you developer, publisher, journalist, educator, analyst, marketing or PR genius, Biz Dev, sales, QA, or any other head of this hydra we call the game industry.

The GGP list serves a dual purpose: receive news, invites, job postings, resumes and the like (or submit similar items you'd like to reach the rest of the group); we'll also be making it easier to plan and attend GGP gatherings at all of the various conferences, expos and events where we so often find ourselves. Now you'll have a group with whom to gather and explore the gay environs of whichever city you visit next!

The list is managed by Brian Rubin, Account Director at fortyseven communications, and will be kept discreet, so just submit your name, company, title and/or job description, email address and mobile phone number, in the form below and you're all set.






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GGP Mailing List

Are you gay and working in the games industry? If you are interested in networking with other folks like you within the industry, try joining the Gay Game-Industry Professionals mailing list. Click here for all the details!


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