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May 15

Pretend You’re Competing In Eurovision With This SingStore Update!

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The Eurovision Song Contest is in full effect, so this SingStore Update features another bunch of this year’s entries as well as a few randoms. Here’s what you’ll be able to add to your SingStar DLC library this week:

“Believe In Me” by Bonnie Tyler *
“Call My Name” by Cheryl Cole
“Champion” by Chipmunk feat. Chris Brown
“What If” by Dina Garipova *
“Only Teardrops” by Emmelie de Forest *
“Marry Me” by Krista Siegfrids *
“You” by Robin Stjernberg *
“Oops Upside Your Head” by The Gap Band
“River Deep, Mountain High” by The Supremes and The Four Tops

The Eurovision entries (those marked above with asterisks) are a hard sell. They’re so new that I don’t know them well enough to want to buy them or be able to sing them particularly well. To be fair, Finland’s entry, “Marry Me” is kind of fun, and I love that Bonnie Tyler resurfaced to represent the UK. (And her song is amazing. Cheesy and awful yet totally catchy.) And I appreciate once again throwing in some old R&B, but I wish they’d have thrown in Nicola Roberts instead of Cheryl Cole if they were going to offer up a solo Girls Aloud member! (Her album is fantastic!)