Pokken Tournament gets a new gameplay trailer

Pokken Tournament has been slowly revealing what it has to offer since it was officially announced last August. The Pokemon/Tekken hybrid fighter is a cross production between Nintendo and Bandai Namco, following their team-up on the latest Super Smash Bros.

pokken tournament


Join Us At Our Annual PAX East Meetup! 1

It might be freezing right now in Boston, and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be just as cold for PAX East in a couple of weeks, but if you’re willing to brave the tundra, we can promise you a hot time at our annual GayGamer.net gathering! Last year, we […]

New Rise of the Tomb Raider screenshots have arrived

We haven’t heard much about Crystal Dynamics’ Rise of the Tomb Raider since its unveiling at Microsoft’s E3 2014 press conference, where it was announced to be a timed exclusive for Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles. Just this last February new details about the game’s plot were revealed; this […]

rise of the tomb raider city


Wootini’s Weekly Video Podcast #210 1

I’m a little under the weather, but I still wanted to talk about the glorious insanity of Jupiter Ascending, the temptation of the New 3DS and Majora’s Mask, and the fear of confronting dragons in Dragon Age: Inquisition!

LGBT guild spread the love to Final Fantasy XIV Developers

Video games for many people are more than just entertainment. The stories and characters that players experience can have a profound effect on the rest of their lives. This was the case for MMO player Vain Palazzo, leader of the Final Fantasy XIV division of the multi-game spanning LGBT-friendly Rough […]

vain marriage ffxiv


Spiderman swings into the Marvel Cinematic Universe 2

Marvel’s Cinematic Universe has been one of the most beloved, not to mention lucrative, comic book to film endeavors in history. From the moment Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury showed up at the end of the original Iron Man, to tease The Avengers, superhero fans have watched with glee as […]

Wootini’s Weekly Video Podcast #209 1

After last week’s rant I was hoping to do a more positive and cheerful episode this time around. Unfortunately, a rather serious bug in the new episode of Game of Thrones takes up the beginning with just a bit of complaining. Then it’s on to some slight complaining about a […]



Zelda coming to Netflix!? 2

In case you hadn’t already heard by now, the Internet is blowing up at a rumor suggesting The Legend of Zelda may be headed to a binge-watching platform near you!

DC and Marvel Comics announce their new event: Diversity 2

Today DC Comics announced a major shift in their publishing slate for 2015 with 24 brand new titles to be published alongside 24 continuing titles, some with new creative teams at the helm. The focus of this new direction, the first major shift since the continuity redefining New 52 in […]



Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary

Dear Diary, It was a nice, quiet week in Geneva for a change. There wasn’t a whole lot of drama… although I was surprised that we still never got a replacement for Cobb. No one who has been camping out really struck my fancy over the past week or so, […]