Check Out Nintendo’s E3 Offerings Yourself!

We’ve got a team of gaymers headed to E3 next week, but if you’re like me and can’t make it, Nintendo would like you to know they’ve got you covered! Starting on Tuesday, June 10, at 9:00 am PST, they will air the Nintendo Digital Event, basically an online version […]



Out Athletes Michael Sam and Jason Collins Make Gaming History, Too 1

You can’t have gone very far in the last few weeks without hearing about Michael Sam and Jason Collins. Both made LGBT and sports history by coming out of the closet, making Sam the first openly gay player to be drafted into the NFL and Collins the first openly gay […]

Luigi’s Got His War Face On In Mario Kart 8 2

Veteran Nintendo gamers know that underneath the bright and shiny exterior, every Mario Kart game – just like the Mario Party series – is really just a hyper-competitive death match designed to render even the most rock solid friendships unto dust.  In Mario Kart 8, out now for less than […]



Review: The Wolf Among Us: Episode 4 – “In Sheep’s Clothing”

The last episode of Telltale Games’ The Wolf Among Us felt like it was spinning its wheels, but now the latest episode, In Sheep’s Clothing, feels like it’s actually building up to the grand finale. We also get some more shirtless Bigby wolf in Episode 4, but unfortunately, after the events […]

Wootini’s Weekly Video Podcast #175 3

The gaming community is all atwitter about the newly-released Mario Kart game, but not me. Sadly, this is just another reminder of a section of the gaming community that I will never be a part of. Make the jump and watch this week’s vidcast and I’ll explain…


3ds smash bros full

Smash Saturdays: May 26th-30th 1

Hello everyone, we’re back for another installation of Smash Saturdays! This week was a fairly interesting one. We got some great screenshots and yet another unexpected announcement. Without further delay, lets jump in!

So, Mario’s Hawking For Benz And Making Gains 1

It’s no secret that Nintendo’s looking for new ways to make money and turn things around for the Wii U.  But by the looks of a new Japanese Mercedes ad, as the big N’s revenue stream has been shrinking, Mario’s been getting swole. One of the tactics Nintendo of Japan […]

Mario Mercedes


Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary

Dear Diary, This was a good week in Geneva. I hate to take pleasure in someone leaving town, but… well, I did! Other than that bright spot, it was a pretty quiet week! Read on for the highlights!

It’s Hard Being Tomodachi With Corporations 12

Recently, an uproar tore out across the internets when Nintendo decided not to include same-sex relationships in their life-sim game Tomodachi Life; people were incensed, Nintendo issued a fairly standard apology, people were mildly more optimistic but also still kind of sore. In response, there have been questions, confusions and […]



Wootini’s Weekly Video Podcast #174 2

It’s only just now Memorial Day Weekend, but the summer blockbusters have been coming fast and furious for the past month or so. Thankfully, after a couple of duds, the new X-Men movie turned out to be pretty dang awesome. At least, in my opinion. After I rave about Days […]

Smash Saturdays: May 19th-23rd

Greetings fellow gaymers! We’re back with another entry in Smash Saturdays! Towards the end of the week Sakurai gave us some interesting pieces of information and a pretty good surprise! Without further delay, let’s jump into this week’s screenshots.



Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary

Dear Diary, There wasn’t a whole lot of stuff that happened this week in Geneva, but there were still a couple of epic moments. One has been a long time coming, and the other was completely unexpected but hilariously awesome! Read on and I’ll explain!