All The Hyrule Ladies, Put Your Hands Up! 8

Tecmo Koei and Nintendo have brought the Dynasty Warriors style combat to the world of Zelda in the upcoming Wii U title Hyrule Warriors. The developers already won me over with the game’s E3 demo by remaining faithful to Nintendo’s source material while putting their own spin on the franchise. […]



An Interview with Dani Landers of Studio Fawn

Dani Landers is one of the four members of Studio Fawn, the creative team behind Bloom: Memories, an upcoming game set in a strange and beautifully-crafted world designed to evoke feelings of adventure and exploration, as well as including emotionally-involving storylines using game mechanics and themes that the larger games industry tend to avoid. Bloom has already […]

E3 2014: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Open World Done Right

I kinda hate open world games. I really do. While I can awe at the technical marvel that goes into creating a vast living world sometimes there’s just too damn much to do. Maybe it’s my inner-submissive coming out or maybe it’s because I was raised on JRPGs and platformers, […]



Tabletopping: Monsterhearts 3

Tabletopping is a series where Bryce takes a tabletop RPG he has never played before, sits down with some friends, and tries it out. It’s about his first experience with a new game. As a result, rules will be gotten wrong, confusion will arise, and not everything will make sense. […]

E3 2014: Assassin’s Creed Unity Brings Paris to Life

Putting aside the whole ‘women are too much work’ controversy that dominated most of the Assassin’s Creed Unity talk at E3, there is an actual game being developed as well. The first entry to the Assassin’s Creed series for Ps4 and Xbox One, Unity boasts a massive seamless game-world, new […]

acu screenshot3


Wootini’s Weekly Video Podcast #178 2

Now that E3 is a thing of the past, I can talk about some games I’ve been playing recently. To my surprise, my Vita has been getting a lot of play lately. More than my 3DS in recent weeks! Go figure! Plus, I gave in to peer pressure and bought […]

E3 2014: Hyrule Warriors, A Link Between Franchises

One could easily say that the Dynasty Warriors/Samurai Warriors franchise has over saturated the market or that it’s gone stale. But when developer Tecmo Koei crosses the Warriors games over with other popular intellectual properties like One Piece or Gundam, they can breathe new life into their otherwise easily forgettable […]

HyruleWarriors E3

Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary

Dear Diary, It was a nice, peaceful week in Geneva. No big drama… but also no real excitement, either. But I did keep two favorites from moving away… and we’ve finally got a new neighbor moving in! It took some doing, but it’s going to be worth it! I can […]


Assassins Creed Unity Arno Dorian

E3 2014: Ubisoft and the Lack of Lady Assassins 6

Assassin’s Creed: Unity was one of those games that I didn’t have any interest in when I first saw it, but cared more and more as the week went on and I got to see the ideas and mechanics explained and demonstrated more fully. It’s now become the first Assassin’s Creed […]

SF Gaymers! Don’t Miss Streetpass Saturdays @The Stud

GaymerX2 is fast approaching but if you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area and can’t wait for a big gaymer meet up then you won’t want to miss the inaugural StreetPass Saturday, this Saturday at The Stud. and GaymerX have teamed up to bring you a night of gaming, […]



E3 2014: Gauntlet Goes Back to its Roots

When I was little, one of my absolute favorite games both in the arcade and at home was Gauntlet. Four people playing at once was just groundbreaking at the time, and the four characters being utterly distinct was fascinating… it meant a rush to be the goddamned elf so that you […]