Wootini’s Weekly Video Podcast #217

First I have an answer to a question someone asked in my YouTube comments, then I can talk about some bits from the last Nintendo Direct. I’m a little excited for anything new Animal Crossing-wise, naturally, and I really hope that these Animal Crossing amiibo cards aren’t anywhere as near as popular as the amiibo figures that have been blowing up my Twitter with frustrated Nintendo fans who can’t get them anywhere. What was Nintendo thinking? I ponder all these things in this week’s episode!

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Cast Your Votes for The Next Smash Bros. DLC Character!

In case you missed it, Nintendo just had a Direct on April 1st which was 100% NOT an April Fools Day Joke. We were finally given a release date for the Mewtwo DLC that was announced right before the Smash Wii U launch. He’ll be available April 15th for those that registered both Smash 3DS and Wii U and April 28th for the rest of the world. Not only that but Lucas makes his triumphant return and will be gracing the roster this June!

Ever since we knew that character DLC was coming to Smash Wii U/3DS, the floodgates were open to an endless variety characters to grace this all-star cast. Nintendo has given us a golden opportunity to have a say in who the next DLC character will be with the Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot!

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