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April 25, 2012

Adam Sessler Leaves G4


One of's faves, Adam Sessler, has left G4.

Our friends at Kotaku reached out to Sessler's representative and received the following response:

Television personality Adam Sessler and TV network G4 are parting ways, with Adam's last episode as host of G4′s "X-Play" airing on the network today, Wednesday, April 25. Adam has been hosting the show since it first aired as ZDTV's "Gamespot TV" in July 1998 and he also served as Editor In Chief of games content at G4. His current projects include starring as himself in the Summer 2012 movie "noobz" and consulting with a film production company on theatrical feature adaptations of video games. Adam intends to stay in front of the camera and continue as a key voice within the games industry. He also sings and is available for weddings and bar mitzvahs.

Adam later confirmed his departure via twitter:

Thank you to everyone with your exceedingly kind wishes and thoughts. I think I'll finally take a nap....

Sessler leaves behind X-Play co-host Morgan Webb and Attack of the Show co-host Kevin Perreira as the channel's only remaining personalities from the G4TechTV merger. Webb is now the sole remaining personality from the original TechTV.

In addition to his hosting and editing duties with G4, Mr. Sessler has long been a vocal supporter of LGBT issues in the gaming industry. Last year he chimed in on all of that Dragon Age 2 controversy we couldn't stop talking about. He has proved himself time and time and time again as one of the gayming community's most valuable allies. And one of our best friends.

We here at wish Adam all the best in his future endeavors!

seanbaby kissing adam sessler

October 8, 2011

Watch Persona 4 The Animation Now (If You're In The US)

As promised, Persona 4: The Animation has started up, and Sentai Filmworks, along with The Anime Network and Hulu are simulcasting it for Americans just hours after it airs on Japanese TV. It looks to be a pretty faithful adaption of the game, well, as faithful as you can get considering how much player choice affected the experience. Plus the main character talks! Madness. The first episode's been getting mostly positive notes from what I've seen, but you'll have to judge for yourself. It's not going to shatter genre conventions, but for a cartoon where magical teenagers summon demons to fight giant monsters, it's got its charms.

I believe the video above is geolocked to the US, but separate companies are streaming it in the UK and France. Canadians, check out The Anime Network's website directly if the video above doesn't work.

September 3, 2011

Futurama Trolling Sony About Geohot?

As usual, this Thursday's Futurama featured plenty of nerdy jokes, including a Kinect inspired game console and Bender water-cooling himself to keep from overheating. One bit, however, might sound familiar to folks who followed Sony's lawsuit against a hacker named George Hotz, or geohot.

The plot of the episode revolves around the Professor's young clone Cubert overclocking Bender to make him better at World of World War II. This incurs the wrath of Mom, Bender's manufacturer, who has both the Professor and the boy arrested for violating a licence agreement. At one point in the video above (which I'm pretty sure only works in the US, sorry everyone else), the two exclaim:

Prof. Farnsworth: Oh God! I clicked without reading!
Cubert: And I slightly modified something I own!
Prof. Farnsworth: We're monsters!

Describing a joke in detail just makes it extra funny, right? Sony's case is a bit more complicated, but the parallels seem pretty easy to spot. Since this season started airing way back in June 2010 with long split down the middle, I'm not sure exactly when this episode would have been written and produced. There's a chance it's just a coincidence, or it's referencing some other corporate freakout: most companies aren't too thrilled when you tinker with their stuff's guts. The whole episode is worth watching if you've got it saved on your DVR or it pops up in a repeat.

August 21, 2011

Trailer: Persona 4 The Animation

This is about a month old, so apologies if you've already seen it, but here's the most recent trailer for the upcoming Persona 4 anime series. The song, Sky's the Limit, is the show's theme, however this probably isn't the actual opening. It's pretty philosophical ("Even without doughs, our thoughts can be dope"), but it's got a bouncy beat too so don't dwell on it too long.

The show premieres this October in Japan, and there's no word whether anyone will be officially simulcasting the show in the US or other territories. Aniplex USA has Blue Exorcist and a couple other current shows up on Hulu and Crunchyroll right now, as well as some other, older shows in their complete runs. Perhaps if they think there will be an audience they'll bring it here themselves. On the other hand, NIS America, who licensed the last Persona series, Trinity Soul, took a couple years to bring the show to the US officially. That one's still only available in pair of relatively expensive DVD sets, or via premium streaming at Anime News Network, and it appears the streams may be expiring soon anyway. Let's hope that someone in charge over there sees the value of making this one a little bit easier to get legally.

February 15, 2011

Dragon Age: Redemption

She's all elf-y and stuff!

Felicia Day has been teasing a #mysteryproject on Twitter recently, giving names of people with whom she's working. This morning she has revealed the contents of the #mysteryproject, which is Dragon Age: Redemption, a six-episode web series to launch later this year.

According to USA Today, Day has created an original story around Tallis, an elven assassin. As to the personality behind the character? Day states:

Tallis is headstrong, she fights dirty, and she has a really sarcastic sense of humor. I wanted to bring a modern sensibility to a fantasy character in a fantasy world.

The plot will revolve around Tallis going on a quest so as to capture a renegade mage. Naturally, in a world like Dragon Age, this means grabbing a few companions, which may prove tricky, admits Day.

As to the fact that it's a web series? Day feels strongly that everyone with whom she worked sees it as a challenge, rather than a hindrance. The goal seems to push what both video game adaptations and web series can accomplish. The list of other people involved includes Peter Winther as the director, John Bartley as cinematographer, Thom Williams as stunt coordinator (there are apparently both stunts and combat scenes), and Greg Aronowitz on production design. So far she's revealed one fellow actor on Twitter, Doug Jones.

USA Today also had an interview with Felicia Day, concerning her gaming habits and favorites that further illuminates why she wanted to produce this web series in Fereldan, in particular.

So far details are somewhat scarce. It is to release this summer. As to whether it will appear on XBL, PSN, or available to all in an online capacity (or various mixtures thereof)? Nothing has been firmly announced.

February 6, 2011

Video: Lets Have A Game Commercial Nostalgia Trip!

In honor of the only day of the year where we celebrate commercials by sitting through a long, boring football game to watch them (That is why we do it, right?), I thought it would be nice to take a look down Nostalgia Boulevard and look at some of the most memorable video game commercials, both good and bad.

This Super Smash Bros. commercial is actually what I used to convince my father to buy this game for me when it came out. My father was generally clueless about video games, but loved oldies music, so whenever this commercial came on, I mentioned how I hoped that song would be in the game, and I eventually found the game waiting for me one day after school. Of course, that awesome Turtles song was not on the soundtrack, but I still am reminded of SSB whenever I hear it.

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January 22, 2011

Angry Birds TV Series In The Works?

Not satisfied with having a massively-successful now-multiplatform game, a board game, plush toys, and costumes marketed to plus-size youths (just you wait), Angry Birds is preparing to slingshot its way into your television. CNN quotes the head of Rovio Mobile, the company responsible for creating the popular game, as saying "We have been looking at that for quite a while, and that is definitely one of my personal big focus areas right now -- to work on broadcast content for 'Angry Birds.' "

One hopes that it won't follow in the footsteps of the steaming heap of awful that was "Cavemen" -- a show that similarly tried to cash in on its craze by moving to TV-- and this boy can even dream that it will finally answer the question posed by my hippie ex-roommate, "What if birds went to war with pigs?" who went on to further posit that we probably wouldn't call the felled civilians "collateral damage;" we would probably just call them dinner.

With the inherent absurdity of trying to turn Angry Birds into a running series, one can't help but think of the comedic possibilities -- i suggest a nail-biting yet surreal political drama, replete with historical parallels -- but my cynicism compels me to conclude that this is going to be little more than a chance to make a quick-buck. Television, i challenge you not to fail me.

December 6, 2010

NPH To Host VGAs This Saturday


Every year, the Spike TV Video Game Awards become more of an extravagent and trailer-filled production, so every year I find myself almost willing to work a TV staring contest into my packed routine of staring at the latest slew of holiday games. It looks like this might finally be the year of the boob tube for this gamer, though - the awards are being hosted by none other than Neil Patrick Harris!

While at first blush the guy who plays no-man's straight man in How I Met Your Mother wouldn't be a perfect fit for the Video Game Awards, NPH is actually a bit of a geek himself, if his filmography is any indication. His voicework has appeared in the Spider-Man cartoons since 2003, as well as this year's Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions. He also played a corrupt video game CEO in last year's Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard.

The comedy actor is also no stranger to hosting awards - he appeared in an opening number for this year's Academy Awards, and attempted to hijack the 2009 Emmys as Dr. Horrible with a message about how internet streaming will make television obsolete.

Neil Patrick Harris will be taking up the main hosting duties, but he's not the only star you'll see at the awards. In addition to the usual industry insiders, expect to catch glimpses of Nathan Fillion, Danny Devito, Kaitlin Olsen, Guillermo Del Toro, Dane Cook, and some unannounced guests.

If you can stand to flip your TV to the channel that invented "Guys Choice" and "Manswers," you may find some content between the carefully-targeted commercials that's worth staying for. For example, stick around long enough and see the reveal of BioWare's next project when the rest of the world does! The Video Game Awards air this Saturday, December 11 at 8PM EST.

November 10, 2010

The Tester, Season 2, Eps 1 & 2

Matthew Brown AKA Gaymer.

The common quip concerning Sony's The Tester is that it's a silly show for a rather unimpressive job. However, having had my fair share of horrible jobs, and realizing many exist, I don't particularly see it as a waste of anyone's time, particularly as what we see is largely for entertainment purposes. The caveat I am presenting first is that I haven't really watched television in the last eight years, so my knowledge of tropes found within the reality TV subsection is relatively low, and that will be the perspective you'll be reading. In case you are unfamiliar with its concept, you could hop over and read Wootini's review of the first season. There will be spoilers below the cut I will place further in this entry.

First, since the cast has been announced, I've been fairly impressed by the amount of diversity presented in not just the little categories in which we place ourselves, but in the personalities present. When I wrote about Gaymer, I anticipated that he would face a lot of hate in various channels that would be directed toward his sexuality, though at the same time, he is providing some manner of (as yet relatively muted) visibility. The mere fact of his sexuality seems to bother some people in internet lands here and there. Boring trolls are boring and predictable.

The show itself has been rather curiously edited so far, with only the largest personalities being given a chance to present outside of the contests. The contests themselves are presented in a rather rushed fashion that doesn't really tell me much but the most basic information, and leaves me wanting more that is not being given. Whatever time and monetary constraints Sony has put on itself seems to be presenting a mere glimpse of everything that is happening. Then again, this is a free product and relatively short.

What of the specifics of the first two episodes? Peek under the cut for more.

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February 7, 2010

How's About A Little Tetris With Your Satellite Subscription?


Tetris is now universally known as the "game we play when there is nothing else to play." Everybody I know has at least one iteration or another of this puzzle building legend with them at all times! Originally designed by Alexey Pajitnov in 1984, the Russian puzzler gained industry momentum when it debuted on the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1989 where it officially became a household name. Now, thanks in large to Dish Network, we will be able to play Tetris on our TV's with our remote control! The service will cost a measly $2.99 a month that will be added to your cable bill but with the varied ways to play this already occupying our time, this service feels a little nonsensical and unessential. This will probably appeal to more core enthusiasts and digital game collectors. As for me, I will stick to my treasured and rare copy of Tetris DS!

Dish Network bringing Tetris to you TV!

December 12, 2009

VGA Live Blogging In GayGamer IRC

Longtime reader and IRC chatroom moderator Jetuser is currently live blogging this year's Video Game Awards in our #gaygamer channel on our IRC server ( IF you're without a TV and want to know what's happening, or just want to talk about it, feel free to join in. If you don't have an IRC client, you can login to the GayGamer Forum and use our web based client.

December 3, 2009

Classic Arcade Rivalry Leads To Murder On Tonight's Bones


Inspired by the documentary, The King of Kong, tonight's episode of Bones (airing on Fox affiliates in the United States, 8pm Eastern and Pacific, 7pm Central) centers around a fictional arcade game, Punky Pong, that somehow leads to murder!

The victim, Steve Rifton, is the only active player known in the gaming community to have received a perfect score on a famous video game. Steve turned his success into a lucrative partnership with a gaming referee and charged fans to play on the very machine that gave him the perfect score. But between sour business deals and bitter competitors, the team at the Jeffersonian must work to narrow down the many suspects with motive for ending Rifton's reign as gaming king.

The episode is called The Gamer in the Grease, so you know, maybe don't have dinner while you're watching it. The episode is also basically a big commercial for James Cameron's Avatar, and features the characters buying tickets for the movie, talking about how awesome it is, etc. Corporate synergy! I guess whatever it takes to pay the bills, right?

According to TVGuide Magazine, the folks behind the show programmed a working version of the game featured in the episode, and a web version should be playable at some point tomorrow. Supposedly it's a cross between Pong and Donkey Kong, and I'm sure it's just great. Or at least something to check out when you're bored at work. If you're not one of those traditional TV watching types, the episode should be up on Hulu and starting tomorrow, but again, only for Americans. I don't generally watch these types of crime procedurals, but Bones has somehow wormed its way into my schedule, largely because of the fact that it's not so damned serious all the time. Is the show a (not-so) guilty pleasure for anyone else?

The King of Kong becomes 'Bones' murder mystery fodder [Kotaku]

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