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Top 20 Gayest Video Game Characters

March 23, 2007

Drag Queens Bust Out in Bust-A-Groove: Dance Summit 2001


So, it seems that Michael Doi isn't the only "fancy dancer" in Enix's Bust-A-Groove rhythm game series. Meet the Flower Dancing Team from the Japanese only Bust A Groove: Dance Summit 2001. Although the picture is rather small, I think it's obvious even at this size that these are no ordinary ladies, these girls are drag queens, through and through!

Dance Summit 2001 did not include any of the original BAG characters and introduced a four player mode where players would dance as a team rather than individually as in previous games. Each team of characters has their own style of music that they dance to and The Flower Dancing team uses House Music. Makes perfect sense given the time period, and I'm glad they went with house rather than the stereotypical Disco.

Actually, I think that Drag Queens might just be the next logical step for the Ouendan/Elite Beat Agents series! Imagine a team of Tranny's that cheer you on through a soundtrack of drag queen classics like Judy Garland's "The Trolley Song" and Jennifer Holiday's "I'm Telling You I'm Not Going." It brings a tear to my eye just thinking about it...

Thanks to Tsunehito for sending this one in! Image courtesy Mr. Skullhead75

Side Note: A friend of mine was fortunate enough to attend a talk at GDC about the Americanization of Ouendan. Apparently, the Elite Beat Agents with their afros and Blues Brothers suits weren't the original plan for the game. They brought out some early concept art that showed that the title was originally to be called Disco Rangers. And their inspiration for the look of the team? Why, none other than the Village People! How hot would that have been? I must say, the mind reels.

March 21, 2007

New Gay Game Character Discovered!


It's been a long time since I've added any new characters to our Top 20 Gayest Game Characters list, but when this one was delivered to my window, high atop GayGamer Castle I knew I had to get it up right away. Reader Nick sent this amazing shot from Bust A Groove 2, the follow up to one of my favorite rhythm games ever, Bust A Groove. My friends and I played the hell out of that game one summer, but unfortunately the disc mysteriously disappeared along with a bunch of other older games from my collection. I have been trying for years to get another copy, but it goes for an astronomical $75 - $100 on eBay! I'll get it one day! But, I digress...

This shot is from the storyline for one of the playable characters in the game, Kitty N! After her rise to fame as a pop star she gets a crush on her dance instructor, Michael Doi (who is also a playable character). But her dreams are dashed when she discovers that Micheal (the skinny one on the left) "prefers the company of other men." Poor Kitty N! From the looks of things, Michael's boyfriend has quite the muscle daddy thing going on. But what the hell is up with that chest hair? Yikes!

August 14, 2006

Top 20 Gayest Video Game Characters - Honorable Mentions And Ones We Missed #9

Reader Ryan S. sends in this great tip on a NEW gay character in the upcoming XBox 360 RPG Enchanted Arms.

Makoto – Enchanted Arms

There is no question about this one. No guessing, no finding out through innuendo, or being surprised at the end. UbiSoft makes no bones about it, this guy is GAY!

From the website:

“Makoto is openly gay and his friends like to call him “yellow otomegokoro.”

Otomegokoro translated, Ryan assures me, means “girl’s feeling, maiden’s mind”. He also has quite the fashion sense with his Kingdom Hearts-esque jacket with extra-large lapels, short tie, bare midriff and weird sort of skirt thing over his pants. And who could miss those lavender nails! Not surprisingly, most of the guys in this game are very girly looking, but this guy’s the real McCoy!

Find out more about Makoto here at the gorgeous Enchanted Arms Website

You can even have him on your desktop!

August 6, 2006

Top 20 Gayest Video Game Characters - Honorable Mentions And Ones We Missed #8

Being out, proud and dating a nice banker, this guy should have made the list, but he gets an honorable mention because he was only in one scene.

Tommy – Indigo Prophecy or for our readers in Europe Fahrenheit

Although the ending falls flat like a flan in the cupboard, one of Indigo Prophecy’s more memorable scenes involved finding out Detective Carla Valenti is a hag. Early in the game she receives e-mails from a guy named Tommy while at the precinct – the player assumes it’s her boyfriend. When Carla finally arrives home, Tommy shows up at the door with a bottle of wine. Good man, take care of her! After some conversation about Carla’s lack of a relationship (and boy does she end up with a weird one by the end), Tommy says that he’s dating a nice banker and that there are plenty of good men in New York.

After that little chat Tommy does a tarot card reading for Carla, a skill he learned from his grandmother. We never find out what happens to Tommy after that, but in the special features of the game there is some mighty fine dancing between him and the Omen child.

August 5, 2006

Top 20 Gayest Video Game Characters - Honorable Mentions And Ones We Missed #7

Another one that has garnered a lot of email is this fancy dresser from Chrono Trigger…

Flea – Chrono Trigger

“Male….Female…what does it matter? Power is beautiful, and I’ve got the power!”

From Warrior Mage, a Flea fansite

“Flea generally appears to be aprovocatively dressed, red-haired female with her hair pulled up in a high braid to expose elf-like ears. In Chrono Cross his hair appears more pink than red and in a “bob” style, though. The primary colors of his costume are pink, white, red, gold, and various browns.

In Chrono Trigger, he wears a white cape with a high collar, bearing a distinctive pink stripe near the bottom hem and fingerless, white gloves. He also sports a white bustier, belted at the waist with what appears to be a gold lamp hanging from it with a red skirt layered slightly under it.

However, in Chrono Cross, the pink and white theme is carried out a bit further top where it appears he’s wearing a pink and white, Japanese school girl (sailor) outfit sans cape.”

Whew! While it’s up in the air whether his sexual preference runs to boys, he certainly does love dressing up, and his powers, such as Heart, Blow Kiss, and Rainbow Storm also leave a lot of question marks. Thoughts, anyone? (Come on, you know you’re dying to weigh in on this one!)

Thanks to everyone who sent this one in!

August 3, 2006

Top 20 Gayest Video Game Characters - Honorable Mentions And Ones We Missed #6

Many readers were shocked that Voldo didn’t make it on to the main list, but there was only room for twenty, and competition was tough. Voldo was eventually edged out by fellow Soul Calibur companion Raphael, who in my opinion is the gayer of the two. But, for your consideration, here is…

Voldo – Soul Calibur Series

There is no denying that Voldo is one kinky fellow. His heavily themed bondage costume that seems to be made up of leather bits, armor, a codpiece (I do love a good codpiece), and leftover scraps of fabric from Aquaman’s old costume is enough to make Edward Scissorhands jealous. But, just because he is into the bondage scene (obviously on the “receiving end”) does not necessarily make him gay. There is quite the large portion of the heterosexual community that is into the SM scene, I think even more so than the gays. Of course, there are his bizarre, fluid, flouncy, upside down crab-walk moves and his apparent absolute devotion to his “master”. (Have you noticed how many of these game guys have a strange attachment to some sort of “Master”?) This is definitely one that can be thrown out there for debate and so, to that end, I throw Voldo’s chapeau into the ring. Is Voldo a pass around party bottom boy? Or just a kinky hetero? Let me know what you think in the comments!

If you need some help deciding, check this out.

August 1, 2006

Top 20 Gayest Video Game Characters - Honorable Mentions And Ones We Missed #5

Benimaru Nikaido- King of Fighters

I’ve received a lot of email about this one…Now I will admit at first glance this guy looks gayer than big sack full of drag queens. The black skin-tight halter top with keyhole cut-out, the fingernails, the earrings, and let’s not even go into that erection like hairdo. and in subsequent versions of the game it was thought that they gave him sleeves to his saucy blouse…but no, apparently they were gloves…long gloves that reached all the way to his biceps. So i put on my Sherlock Holmes hat that I borrowed from my good buddy Wishbone, and did a little investigating. My sleuthing brought me directly to the King of Fighters 10th Anniversary Website, where they made no bones about Benimaru’s preferences…

“His speech patterns have led some to question Benimaru’s preferences as far as certain lifestyles are concerned. All we have to say is: It’s not what you think. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)”

So there you have it folks…SNK officially states that there’s nothing wrong with being gay! Hoorah! Vindication! So, is Benimaru really gay and SNK is trying to cover up? What do you think? Oh, and before you judge, look at this picture…

July 31, 2006

Top 20 Gayest Video Game Characters - Honorable Mentions And Ones We Missed #4

I have been taken to task (and rightfully so) by several readers about the omission of this next entrant. Being a Star Wars fan whos’ fandom only extended as far as Return of the Jedi I haven’t really played this game and hadn’t heard about this character. _(And before all you Star Wars fans have a flying freakout, I saw Star Wars on opening weekend when it first came out and saw it 7 more times that summer…yes, I’m that old). Thankfully, reader Michael R. sends in this in-depth description…

Juhani – Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

The game makes her lesbian status more than obvious just by inference, but if inference weren’t enough, there are also some very explicit references. When first meeting Juhani on Dantooine, you have the option of either killing her, or beating her to submission and convincing her to return to the Jedi order (in which case she joins your party). If you choose to kill her, a female Jedi at the temple will lambaste you for murdering her beloved one—stating that she and Juhani spent many nights under the stars together. Later on Korriban, that female Jedi will confront you and attempt to murder you for the love of Juhani.

Read More

July 30, 2006

Top 20 Gayest Video Game Characters - Honorable Mentions And Ones We Missed #3

Don Flamenco – Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out

This one was sent in by several readers. I feel like an ass for missing this one and the readers who sent it in were quite adamant about his inclusion. In my opinion Don really walks that fine line between gay and Vain Latin Metrosexual Eurotrash. much in the same vein as Luis Sera (from RE4) . But it can not be denied that this guy enters with a rose in his teeth to the strains of Carmen and proceeds to prance about, taunting Little Mac and throwing out end lines like:

• “People like my hair. don’t mess my hair!”

• “Flamenco strikes back!! Return of Don!”

• “Hey! Mr. Referee Mario. I like your hair!”

• “I’m a beautiful fighter. I have such a style!”

• “Carmen my love… I dance so sweet for you!”

Notice that he compliments the referee’s hair but then professes his love to Carmen. Is Carmen a girlfriend or is he just expressing his big gay love for opera? So what do you think?

Metrosexual? Bisexual? Gay?

Let us know in the comments section!

Thanks to Jeremy C. for this one.

July 29, 2006

Top 20 Gayest Video Game Characters - Honorable Mentions And Ones We Missed #2

Reader Matt W. sends in this hilarious look at Liquid Snake from the (as I am slowly realizing) uber-gay Metal Gear Solid Series..

“Being straight I don’t claim to be an expert on what makes a character truly gay. But I do agree that MGS is a homo-fest, so I had something to add.

Liquid Snake – MGS1

I am not gay, but Liquid Snake makes me wish I was. He’s Oscar Wilde meets Darth Vader. Liquid Snake is Solid Snake’s twin brother, but whereas Solid is a gruff introvert, Liquid is a scene-munching fireball of homoeroticism. Imagine if Hugo Weaving had played Agent Smith like he was still in Priscilla Queen of the Desert, and you’ll begin to get an inkling of the flaming magnetism Liquid brings to the action-thriller setting. He refuses to wear a shirt, gallivants around like he’s doing Shakespeare in the park in every scene, sucks the juice out of every line of dialogue, and finally rips Solid Snake’s clothes off for no other reason than to bask in the radiance of their collective bare-chested glory. And if that’s not enough for you, Liquid Snake’s English voice-actor, Cam Clarke, is a gay-rights activist and singer. ”

July 27, 2006

Top 20 Gayest Video Game Characters - Honorable Mentions And Ones We Missed

Bridget – Guilty Gear Series

Interestingly enough this one skipped right under my radar, but the story is fascinating and odd.

Bridget was one of a set of twin boys born into a village where twin boys were thought to be bad luck. So to save face, his parents raised him as a girl, hiding his true sex from the other villagers. Eventually, Bridget grows up to become a Bounty Hunter to prove that he’s not bad luck after all. His attacks consist of his super power yo-yo and a mechanical bear named Roger. ( I’m not sure of the origins of his nun like outfit, but if anyone knows, please comment!) At the end of one of a few different endings, a character named Johnny mistakes Bridget for a girl and hits on him. Bridget becomes incensed and a fight ensues, calling into question whether he is really “gay” or not. Interestingly enough, among fans, it is not uncommon to see pictures of Bridget with captions such as “Bridget made me gay” and “Everyone is gay for Bridget”. So that leaves us with the burning question…Is Bridget really gay? Let us know what you think in the comment section!

Submitted by cathy344. Thanks Cathy and all at the VE boards for this tip.

July 26, 2006

Top 20 Gayest Video Game Characters - #1

Here we are, dear readers! We’ve finally reached #1! There has been a lot of speculation on who would take the #1 spot, but the decision has been handed down..make the jump to see who won!

Read More

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